Google Sheets crypto spreadsheet

I’ve used macOS for most of my life and loved it. When I switched to Win10 about a year ago I thought I might be in for a rough ride. Actually, at first it was because the hardware that I was using was rather new and perhaps not so compatible. After switching back to macOS for awhile (thanks to my Hackintosh)  I went back to Win10 in a few months and found that all or most of the kinks were ironed out. My love of Win10 has grown while it has somewhat shrunken for macOS. Love is a fickle thing.

Google Sheets crypto spreadsheet

I think that keeping track of your cryptocurrency folder is one of the most important aspect since you are your own accountant, especially if you are using a hardware or cold wallet. If you don’t keep a good ledger about where your coins are stored and how many you own then it’ll be easy to lose sight of the bottom line, which for most people is the profit/loss line. If you only plan on storing your money and coins on an exchange then this won’t be a big problem since every transaction is listed in one place. But if you plan to move coins off your exchange then keeping track of them is vital.

I have no clue where it’s going. Don’t let that be you.

Most hardcore spreadsheet users rely on EXCEL for it many features. I think that it’s a fantastic program that is mostly underutilized especially for users like me. Before my bitcoin+ portfolio grew, I was looking for an EXCEL spreadsheet to track my coins but when I did a search for “crytocurrency spreadsheet” the results were heavily swayed towards Google Sheets. I settled on this site’s  Google Sheets spreadsheet by Reinis Fischer to keep track of the bitcoin and altcoins that were in my possession since it was simple and provided the information I needed. There are some dedicated mobile apps for tracking your coins, like Blockfolio and Delta , however I wanted to add certain personal features, which a spreadsheet could easily provide, and be able to access it from a mobile device or a desktop computer.

I have found that being able to customize the spreadsheet invaluable, especially the feature that allows for different country currencies to be displayed. In my case, I have set it up so that I can see both USD and JPY displayed within the spreadsheet. My deposits have been only in JPY and even though I’m accustomed to it, I get a better feeling of the value of my portfolio working with my native USD.  Afterall, as Tim Anderson writes in Tune in Tokyo: The Gaijin Diaries, there are idiosyncrasies in Japan that make it quite unique and endearing but different from your home country.

Next up – Profiting from your cryptos without paying capital gain taxes, is it possible?


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