Bitcoin+: A Moneymaker or MoneyTaker


First Post:

Thanks for stopping by my learning experience with Bitcoin+ the world of cryptocurrencies (altcoins). I must first start off by saying that I’m not an expert in this field and what will follow is only my experience in engaging with Bitcoin+.

I started my Bitcoin+ adventure on August 17, 2017 after returning from Hawaii for our two week summer vacation.

There’s a monk seal (indigenous) in the water there somewhere.

A very well-informed colleague of mine, who in early July had mentioned Bitcoin to me, told how it might be a good playground for gaining money orĀ  providing passive income.

It would have been nice to bought BTC then.

So begins the journey into Bitcoin+.

This life experience will cover:

  • My experience with Bitcoin exchanges
  • My experience with Cloud mining
  • My experience with building a passive income portfolio with Bitcoin+

Next up – Getting your foot wet with a wallet


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